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a Worthy Garden Club initiative to Plant one Million Trees from Central Oregon to the coast.


Acres Restored


Trees Planted


Pounds of Projected CO2 Sequestered*



* USFS studies show an estimated average of 50 lbs. of Co2 sequestration per mature tree, annually.

Launched in 2019, Operation Appleseed was inspired by the work of DR. BILL RIPPLE, distinguished Professor of Ecology in the Department of Forest Ecosystems & Society at Oregon State University and founder of the Alliance of World Scientists. His work on the role of apex predators in ecosystems across the U.S. eventually led Dr. Ripple to publish five separate and increasingly dire "Warnings to Humanity" starting in 1992 all the way through 2021. It's clear at this point that human activity has led to the disastrous effects of a permanently changed climate, and we couldn't just sit hopelessly on the sidelines.

So with a generous million dollar donation from the club's president, Roger Worthington, the ambitious campaign began.


Behind our work is a deep concern for wildfire risk, biodiversity loss and the health of current and future communities, human and non-human alike. We love our state, we love our forests and we recognize that we all must become better stewards of the land to save humanity. It is grossly unfair that the most vulnerable must suffer due to the actions of a few.


Since 2019, we have planted over 600,000 trees across the state of Oregon and are looking beyond the 1,000,000 mark at other large-scale opportunities to dampen the worst effects of climate change for our region.